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About Us

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St David's Girls High school is a learning institution under the Anglican Diocese of Manicaland in Zimbabwe. The major decision makers are the School Board which represents the responsible authority, the School Development Committee (SDC) which represents the parents and the School Administration.

Our Vision
To provide a quality and relevant academic, social, psychological, spiritual and sporting environment to the girl-child.

Our Mission
To provide and promote quality and relevant secondary education, sport and culture for excellent and consistent development.

Client Charter
To provide a favourable environment for us to:

  1. be the best academic performing school in Zimbabwe.
  2. produce physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally fit young girls who will make an imprint on Zimbabweans particularly youths.
  3. produce hardworking, peace loving and development oriented persons.
  4. prepare the groundwork for excellent professionals.
  5. produce responsible Zimbabwean citizens who will make the nation proud and the world a better place for us all.
  6. produce an independent and self-reliant individual who will work towards economic development.
  7. produce a morally upright citizen who is sensitive to societal values and ethics.
  8. encourage the staff to participate in workshops that deal with staff development and implement the learned ideas.
  9. provide efficient, professional and courteous service to the pupils, staff and visitors.

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