Closing Date: 1 April 2015

Students will depart from school on the 1st of April in the morning.

Parents/ guardians who wish to collect their daughters will do so on the same day.

All Form 2 students to bring a photocopy of birth certificate for HEXCO registration. 

Second Term opens on Tuesday 5 May 2015


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A Profile of Total Quality Management

Welcome to the St David's Girls High school website.

Amongst the oldest Anglican institutions, the school has exhibited itself as a colossus in academic, spiritual and cultural circles since its establishment in 1961.

Needless to say, that the world knows Bonda through thousands of girls who have passed through here.

Saint David’s Girls High enrolls a large number of girls. Our standards of teaching and learning speak for themselves through the good passes at both Ordinary and Advanced level.  

In 2008, the school won the Permanent Secretary’s Bell Award and came second in the Junior Chambers International Award for producing outstanding results. Students sit for examinations set by Zimbabwe School Examinations Council, Cambridge International Examinations and Higher Education Examinations Council.

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